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Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most commonly practiced style of acupuncture and most commonly taught in acupuncture schools throughout the world. Kristina’s acupuncture treatments are unique because she uses a hybrid of both TCM style of acupuncture and the Tam System of Healing style of acupuncture.


The Tam System uses the western medical diagnosis that the patient has been given by their medical doctor and uses that information to create a unique treatment plan. She is able to work with the patient’s MD., with the common goal of healing the patient as quickly and safely as possible.


Like most TCM practitioners, Kristina develops an effective course of treatment through observations of a person’s appearance, guided by the Eight Principles of TCM. However, instead of taking a pulse diagnosis and examining the tongue she has learned through the Tam System of healing that through tui na massage, blockages can be detected on the head and along the spine. In the Tam System, every ailment shows certain blockages along the central nervous system, which is located on the neck and back. By massaging and performing acupuncture on these areas that present blockages, the brain and the central nervous system is stimulated and a healing response is created. The human brain controls every microscopic cell within you and the brain communicates with each of the millions of cells via the nervous system. The Tam System’s goal is to go treat the source in order to heal any ailment or disease.

The overall goal is to free blockages and promote proper circulation, whether it be with acupuncture, acupressure, massage or through energy work Tong Ren Therapy.